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SÖVIT Environmental Ltd. is a dynamicaly developing company with the goal to provide expert assistance to its clients in finding solutions to environmental issues, whether it is of administrative, legal or technical kind. Our employees have more than ten years experience in environmental permitting, both from the authority- and client side. We have also a strong industrial background, with experience in the management of building projects. Through our several years of operation we acquired many hundreds of different environmental permits, conducted different types of measurements in Hungary.


At SÖVIT Ltd. we provide our clients with complete environmental services to meet their regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements.


We have extensive experience in preparing and compiling documents required for starting and operating business activities. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • complex consultancy, permitting services from business registry till environmental consultancy through operation
  • acquiring domestic waste-management permits
  • acquiring air-quality permits
  • air-quality modelling
  • providing environmental reporting services according to Hungarian legislation
  • preparing environmental impact assessment documentation
  • environmental measurement tasks (air, water, soil)
  • acquiring international waste-transport permits


We have experienced, certified experts in all relevant fields of environment protection (water, air, soil, waste, noise and ecology) and practical knowledge of Hungarian environmental legislation. We have long-term partnerships with environmental laboratories and other companies for specialized and auxiliary tasks like land-surveying, drilling works, industrial waste-water-treatment or attorney services. To further accommodate our clients needs, we provide services in German, English and Russian, beside Hungarian of course.


The range of our services is mainly in Hungary nevertheless we permanently improve our foreign services (e.g. Italian waste transportation permit, German waste transportation permit, etc.)


How to contact SÖVIT Ltd.


You can contact us through email or phone (details on our contact page). We are happy to answer your general questions also in our office.

You can also book a call with us leaving your phone number, your question and the time when you can be reached.